Expo 2020 Info Graphic

Hi there Readers,

Today we are sharing an Infographic we thought summed up the many reasons Dubai was the best country to host the expo 2020. It’s simple & easy to understand, and although it was originally created prior to the event to justify reasons why Dubai should win. We believe it to be a positive and easy way of compiling Dubai’s best virtues. Read & Enjoy!

dubai expo 2020 Expo 2020 Info Graphic





  1. Shining Star, wish you all the best! We hope this wonderful even Dubai Expo 2020 will benefit all the businesses not just in Dubai but also all Emirates!

  2. We hope that it will positively affect our Web Design, SEO & Online Marketing business too. More companies will want to have websites or revamp their existing ones in order to be ready for this event and look professional.

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