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So what is this website all about in Plain English? What makes it so important or beneficial for ME? acts as an Online Stage to showcase any important information & resources relevant to Dubai’s New Year 2020 that High Profile Organizations such as UAE Government, Hotels, Companies & Businesses are offering the Community, the high number of expected Tourists, Expats, Business Groups &  VIP Companies that are planning to attend or are connected to Dubai Expo 2020 in some way or form. promotes their resources and Advertises their companies cause or services through the display of Logos on our website that redirects to their website when clicked on.

I Am A Government/High Profile Organization, How would Benefit Me?

Dubai police women 150x150 How Can Benefit YOU! Expo 2020 is predicted to be one of the most Biggest events in history, so without a doubt the  Government among other High Profile organizations will have to prepare for this carefully &  thoroughly  in order to provide the expected services that would be needed in such an occasion, for  example; Catering  for all the expected visitors, supplying the necessary information, protocols, rules &  regulations that  would be applicable to them, investing in more police & ambulance equipment, man  power, & space for  the increase of security, health and safety expected in such an ambulance 150x150 How Can Benefit YOU! If you think  about how much extra time and effort major retailers take out to organize  and promote themselves during Christmas season or Eids in order to provide & cater for the expected higher sales for instance, recruiting extra staff for the occasion, ordering more stock etc. And this is not even remotely as BIG of an Event as Dubai’s Expo 2020.

So now we have some examples of what issues and required services YOU as an organization may have to offer, lets get into how WE come in to all this & help you. Well firstly, you have to find a way of publicizing, promoting  and advertising yourselves & the services & information you have to offer. There are many ways of doing this but one additional way of accomplishing this mission, that can not be compromised in any way, is through the internet, social media and SEO & we have it All.

- We have the SEO needed to attract your audience, this is something not many companies can afford to do for just a temporary period. If an organization had the initiative to optimize their site, they would have used keywords relevant to their own area of business & would not have the right combination of keywords that would lead anyone interested in Dubai’s Expo & New Year 2020. Our website has been carefully optimized with all the relevant related keywords leading anyone in the whole wide world that is searching for anything to do with Dubai, UAE, Expo, New Year 2020 to our website. If our website includes your Logo, it will lead the searcher that is already interested in your service provided for this cause, straight to your website. Exposing YOU, your company, organization, services & the necessary information to the WWW, the Whole Wide Web.

- We have set up a Blog, Twitter & Facebook account to accompany our website & will be using these channels to promote the organizations, companies & Businesses whose logos are advertised with us on a regular basis all the way up to the year 2020. Many organizations & Businesses do have Twitter or Facebook accounts but don’t usually have the time to maintain them & update them at a regular basis. In this case any service you are offering or info you are providing will be regularly promoted for you through our social media accounts & will even have their very own featured Blog post promoting your website’s service etc. So you would get all this, all the way up to the year 2020 without even lifting a finger. Do you see the advantages NOW?

I Am A UAE based Business/Company, How would Benefit Me?

Atlantis Dubai hotel 150x150 How Can Benefit YOU! All the points mentioned above will apply to you in exactly the same manner as an organization but a more  appropriate example for you would be that you may be a High Profile Hotel like Atlantis for instance, and  you will be needing to promote yourselves to the many extra Tourists attracted to Dubai during this  season, lets not forget New Year is a very cool time of year in regards to weather, it wont be too hot and  certainly not too cold ;). These extra Tourists & Business Groups coming for the Expo will be needing  accommodation wont they not? So what extra services will you be providing them relating to the Expo &  New Year? Will you have Transport or Drivers provided to and from the Expo at a Daily Basis? Or may be  to the many related Dubai Celebrations or tourist spots? Not excluding the BIG New Year Bash?

Or maybe you are a well known & trusted Car Rental Supplier, there will be many extra men & women here for business reasons, you may have special deals or compromised solutions for this exceptionally busy time. You will need to advertise these to elevate you from your competitors.

Exposing your logo to the community living within UAE and outside UAE, using social networks such as Facebook & Twitter social media management Dubai 150x150 How Can Benefit YOU!  to interact with society internationally leaving comments & replying to related posts will promote you & your services as a business. We will be including this with the service and doing it on your behalf. This will familiarize people with your logo & they will relate your product/service to it. When they think of car rentals the first thing that will come to mind is your Logo. When they think Hotels in Dubai, the first thing to come to their minds is going to be YOUR logo. They will be subconsciously gaining a form of Trust in you due to that familiarity.

I Am A Business/Organization/Individual living outside UAE, How would Benefit Me?

Well that’s easy, you will have all the resources & information that usually would be very time consuming researching individually all together in one place, all available to you 24hrs 7days a week throughout the whole year all the way up until 2020, at a click of a button, from the comfort of your own home!

What more can you ask for?

So what are you all waiting for? Visit our website now to list your business and get the ball rolling icon wink How Can Benefit YOU!




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