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Hi there World!

We are so over the moon to create & welcome you to our new Blog, in case you stumble upon this post before seeing our website or checking out our About Us page, let us take a minute to introduce ourselves.

NewYear2020.com is a Website set up for a limited time period as a common initiative to Advertise the important information & resources that High Profile Organizations such as UAE Government, Hotels, Companies & Businesses have to offer to New Year 2020, through the display of their Logos on our website. Allowing the Community living within UAE & outside UAE to structure themselves appropriately for the Big Day!

We hope that through this Blog, you will benefit in Latest News & Updates related to Dubai & New Year 2020, Interesting & Helpful Articles, Inspiring & Adventurous Tourist Attractions & Activities you can do while in Dubai. As well as Tips, Advice  & Guidelines in how to use this Site to your Advantage.

So we hope to be seeing you regularly, or to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important, please subscribe to our RSS feed.

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